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August 27, 2015 / ljbradburn-Smith

Work Versus Fluffy Things

I have been accused, in the past, of overanalysing situations and some may say that what I am about to describe falls in to this category, but I challenge you to prove that when I am trying to work from home and my kitten, Moon, is spending all her precious kitten playing time and energy trying to drag my hand away from the computer mouse, desperately beating up the screen with her tiny little paws and then blocking my view, whilst looking at me as if to say ‘this is not what life is all about’, that she isn’t trying to tell me that we, as a society, spend too much time consumed by work.

I am pretty sure that I am not misinterpreting this, as most non-cat communicators would probably have me believe, and that her wildly energetic display and defiant glare was her way of showing me that my days would be much better spent doing something worthwhile, like working for an animal charity or running around playing kitteny games.

As if any further proof was needed, the second I took a break from work to write this blog post, satisfied that I was finally doing something useful with my day, she instantly moved on to her next campaign, involving the current fly-in-the-house situation, and is now trying to catch the fly, whilst also swatting at my dreamcatcher to rid it of the bad dreams of work it has undoubtedly caught. I mean who likes flies and nightmares!

This kitten; she knows.


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