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September 8, 2014 / ljbradburn-Smith

How to Fall in Love


Before you frantically look for the receipt so that you can return the hat, which you no doubt rushed out to buy when you heard our engagement news, rest assured that this book is not a self-help manual, that I have turned to in desperation, and that Ben and I are still deliciously in love (phew) but actually the new novel from the lovely Cecelia Ahern.

I have made no secret, in the past, of my affection for Miss Ahern and her novels and have written her more than one gushing review but just in case you somehow missed it I don’t mind saying again that there is just something about her writing that I adore. It makes me feel warm, cosy and safe from the scary outside world, where the hyenas live, in a way that only good books can. It’s not even as if Ahern often deals with light-hearted, fluffy-bunny topics, this book for instance largely revolves around suicide, but she does always explore her characters’ issues in such a way that I can’t help but feel hopeful about the world. Those who know me best (or at all for that matter) would most likely describe me as an emotional person, who values a good heart-to-heart, and whilst they are always funny and warm Cecelia’s novels certainly don’t shy away from the exploration of deep, turbulent feelings which is probably why I find her characters so easy to connect with (not to mention fall in love with on occasion).

How to Fall in Love’s leading lady is Christine Rose, a recently separated, self-help book addict who, after a traumatic event where she witnessed a man shoot himself, decides to leave her husband in search of greener pastures. Less than a week later, whilst walking in Dublin one night, she comes across the distressed Adam who is hanging over the side of the Ha’penny bridge, threatening to jump to his death in the icy depths below. Spurred on by her desperation to help where she feels she failed before and her belief that time is what she needs to fix Adam, Christine manages to convince him that by the time his 35th birthday comes around, in two weeks time, she will have shown him that life is worth living again. Shocked by Christine’s sincerity and curious to see how she intends to fix the problems she knows nothing about Adam agrees to the stranger’s surprising deal and the two embark on a mission to get his life back together one piece at a time. Armed with self-help books galore and her determined nature Christine sets about reminding Adam how to laugh, how to stand up for what he believes in and most importantly how to fall in love with his life again.

So, whilst it may not have been a classic self-help book How to Fall in Love certainly is chicken soup for the soul. Cecelia has restored my faith in humanity more times than any other author and never fails to make me remember the value of the little things in life.


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  1. justinaluther / Sep 8 2014 7:42 pm

    This sounds like a really interesting book.

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