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April 29, 2014 / ljbradburn-Smith

Mary’s Bookerview


Mary is my book friend, which if you ask me is one of the best things to have. She is also an incredibly patient book-loaner and has never once complained that I have had some of her books on my shelf for years!

1. If a book was written about your life what would the blurb say?

A fascinating insight into the world of the enigmatic Mary Jones. This book will reveal all, or will it?
Hmmm lets hope there won’t be one written about me!

2. Which book/set of books do you think every book-lover should read?
Game of Thrones for sure as there is nothing quite like it!

3. You are always good at recommending books for me to read! Have you got any more suggestions for me?
If you like non-fiction see my entry below!

4. What is the best non-fiction book you have ever read?
Back when I was 11/12 The Dark Portal by Robin Jarvis. Amazing Ive read and re-read that so many times. I got the next two sequels about ten years later and have only managed to read them once. I would still read the first again. Plus Carl who isn’t a reader read all of them and enjoyed them. (This was in the early stages of our relationship so maybe he was trying to impress me).

I just realised its non-fiction not fiction!! Oh well so here’s my non fiction….
A Long Walk Home by Judith Tebbutt. I read it recently and it broke my heart and the tears were free flowing! Its a woman’s story of an idyllic holiday in Kenya but unfortunately results in her being kidnapped by Somali Pirates. Heartbreaking but such a good read.

5. Who is your favourite author?
Tough as I like a lot. Cecelia Ahern easy. Audrey Niffenegger if only she would get this 3rd book out? Is it out yet?

6. Have you ever read an amazing book and been disappointed with the sequel?
If I have I can’t remember! I’ve enjoyed all sequels

7. What is the longest you have gone without reading?
I have gone through phases where reading a book is slow progress. Whether it’s because it’s bad or if I’m not up to it I don’t know. But usually not very long.

8. What would you consider book abuse?
Tearing pages out.

9. How many books do you usually have on the go at once?
I’ve always just read one at a time but recently I had one for work and one for home so just 2!

10. Has a book ever changed you life?
Can’t say that it has, not in a majorly dramatic way. Closest I guess was reading a series of books by Audrey Howard when I was with my ex. There was a part in the book where a character cheats on his wife, due to her being afraid to have sex and get pregnant only to lose the baby again. (This was set in the 1800’s) It made me so angry and upset and my ex was lying in bed asleep next to me and it was then I realised I wouldn’t stand for him doing the same to me which ultimately he already had!

So not long after that he did become my ex

11. If you were going to write a book what would it be about?
I’ve always thought that if I did it would be a fantasy. But I realise now how hard it would be to create a world with historical background on top of everything else. So I won’t be trying that!

12. Do you have a favourite genre?
No not particularly. I tend to avoid Crime though unless its non-fiction. Morbid curiosity and all that.

13. If you had to give up books or beer which would you choose?
Oh this is hard!!! Damn! But for my sanity and for a beautiful life books would win! Goodbye Beer!

14. Quickfire questions:

Borrow or Buy? Borrow
Kindle or paperback? Paperback
Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction
Novels or short stories? Novel

15. Finish the sentence:
Without books…….. life would be black, grey and uninspiring.

16. Do you have a question for me?
Have you ever woken up with a book in your bed?

Haha! Many times.  When I was at Uni and had to read about three novels a week it was pretty much a daily occurrence to wake up face first in a book. Luckily I now have Ben who has taken it upon himself to remove books from the bed and is even kind enough to bookmark my page 🙂

Thanks Mary. You are a bright shiny star 🙂


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