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April 7, 2013 / ljbradburn-Smith

Top 10 Wrestling Reads


In honour of the showcase of the Immortals, Wrestlemania 29, (live tonight but we’re watching it this Wednesday so no spoilers please ;-)) I am sharing my Top 10 Wrestling reads with the world. This is actually a cheat post because I haven’t read any but I do happen to have a boyfriend who is a wrestling expert and who said he would write the list for me. So here are Ben’s Top 10 Wrestling reads written by the very man himself.

#10- The WWE Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to WWE
What better way to kick off the Top 10 list of Wrestling books than with the definitive guide to all things WWE. WWE is the biggest Wrestling organisation in the history of the industry, and tours all around the world, putting on the most exciting shows, every year. This book lists every superstar to grace their hallowed ring, every event, and has a complete history of every WWE Championship Belt. It is a must have for every Wrestling fan.

#9- Making The Game: Triple H’s Approach to a Better Body by Paul Triple H Levesque
Making the Game is a book of two halves: on the one hand it is a bodybuilding bible and on the other an account of the life and experiences of the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ Triple H. The book demonstrates workout programmes that transformed Levesque into one of the toughest wrestlers in the business. In between exercises, Triple H tells of rising through the ranks of the WWE and becoming perhaps the biggest player in the early company. He talks of tearing his quadriceps muscle, an injury that kept him out of action for nearly a year, and the rehabilitation that brought him right back to the top of The Game!
If you read this book, you will find out why they call him ‘The Game’. It’s because he’s ‘that, damn, good!’

#8 –The Hardy Boyz: Exist 2 Inspire by Matt And Jeff Hardy
Being one of the most innovative tag teams in Wrestling, matches involving The Hardy Boyz will live long in the memory of all Wrestling fans. Exist 2 Inspire is a tale of determination and drive, to not only make it to the big time, but to perform in such a way that raises the bar for all who follow. It is also a unique read in that it is written by both brothers, taking it in turns to share their stories and experiences of living life to the extreme.

#7 – Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guerrero Story by Eddie Guerrero
Eddie Guerrero is a true legend and one of the most memorable characters of the Wrestling industry. Cheating Death, Stealing Life tells of being born into Mexico’s most famous Wrestling family, from growing up in the ring where he performed as a child with friends in the intermissions, through the hardships of life on the road, drug and drink addictions, as well as a near fatal car crash, to turning his life around and becoming one of the most popular WWE champions ever. It is a story of family struggles, self-doubt, personal darkness and the most remarkable comeback. Eddie was one of Wrestling’s most respected and technically gifted performers, and has been sadly missed since his death in November 2005.

#6 – Heartbreak and Triumph by Shawn Michaels
Who is the Showstopper? Who is the Main Event? Who is Mr Wrestlemania? The one and only Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Heartbreak and Triumph does exactly what it says on the cover; describing the highs and lows of one of the most charismatic and controversial superstars ever to grace the squared circle. From being involved in one of the most infamous moments in Wrestling history, the ‘Montreal Screwjob’, at Survivor Series 97 and a career ending back injury, to the triumphant return to the ring in 2002.

#5- Adam Copeland On Edge by Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland
Adam Copeland is as big a fan of Wrestling as anyone in the World. On Edge tells Copeland’s story from being a kid in the crowd at Wrestlemania 6, to becoming one of the most decorated superstars in WWE history, headlining Wrestlemania himself. This book is about passion for the business and living the dream, and as Edge would say, it ‘totally reeks of awesomeness!’.

#4- Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks by Mick Foley
Generally perceived as the best of the Wrestling autobiographies, as well as the first of Wrestling’s attitude era, Have a nice Day is a delightfully entertaining read. It explains how a kind-hearted, well-respected man with a love of wrestling, Christmas and Disney World went from jumping off a roof in the name of art to putting his body on the line in some of the most brutal matches and exhibitions in history. Foley has participated in Japanese death matches, been thrown off the top of the Hell in the Cell by the Undertaker, and had his ear ripped off in the middle of a match and carried on to the finish. Mick Foley truly is a hardcore legend, and if you read this book, you really will Have a Nice Day.

#3- Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1,372 Easy Steps by Chris Jericho
#2- A Lion’s Tale: Around the World in Spandex by Chris Jericho
A Lion’s Tale is Chris Jericho’s tale of his journey from son of NHL Star Ted Irvine, through Wrestling School in Canada, working in Mexico and WWE’s rival company WCW, up to his big time debut in the WWE where he interrupted the one and only The Rock. Jericho not only tells of achieving one dream, becoming a pro wrestler, but also of achieving another, becoming a rock star in the band Fozzy. It is a detailed, highly entertaining read which is incredibly funny and accessible for Wrestling fans and non wrestling fans alike. This is a book that ‘you will never, eeeeever, forget, again!’

Undisputed, is the follow-up to A Lion’s Tale, and picks up from the ‘Ayotollah of Rock-n-rolla’s’ bold debut describing his time in the World’s premier Wrestling organisation where he became the first Undisputed champion, winning both the World Heavyweight, and WWE Championship in one night. Although I haven’t actually read this one (I’m desperate to though), reading the story of this great period of time in wrestling will be great for any Wrestling follower, and if it’s even half as good as a Lion’s Tale, it deserves its number 3 spot in this list.

#1-The Rock Says by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
FINALLY, The Rock, has come back, to claim the number 1 spot on my Top 10 list. This has to be my favourite, because Dwayne Johnson manages to create an autobiography so electrifying, you can’t put it down. This book follows Johnson from his childhood, following his Wrestling Father, Rocky Johnson, from city to city, through his high level College Football days with the Miami Hurricanes, to becoming the Jabroni beating, Pie eating, Trail blazing, Eyebrow raising, Peoples Champ The Rock. It has touching stories of family and love, great behind-the-scenes accounts of one of his biggest matches, at Wrestlemania 15 with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and what separates it from all other wrestling books, are the chapters spoken in 3rd person like only the Rock does. If you smell, what the Rock, is cooking?!


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